Lubri-Bond 220

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Lubri-Bond 220 is an air drying, MoS2 based solid film lubricant with an epoxy binder system.

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Kód produktu LBD 220
Značka Curtiss-Wright - Everlube Products
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  • Lubri-Bond 220 provides good corrosion resistance and performs best in higher load carrying applications.
  • Ideal for applications that do not require a thermally cured coating
  • Lubri-Bond 220 is also an excellent touch-up lubricant for many of our thermally cured products.
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Fair chemical resistance
  • Suitable for field applications
  • Ideal for higher load carrying applications
  • Lubri-Bond 220 is qualified to MIL-L-23398

Typical Applications

  • Tooling, brackets and wear plates
  • Guide and sliding rails
  • Seals, clamps, and couplings
  • Bearings, gears, splines and cams


  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Mechanical Components
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Fabricated Metal Parts
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